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Welcome to ProBrewer Interactive News

ProBrewer News is the specialty beer industry's most current and relevant news service.

News stories covering all sectors of the industry are posted in the ProBrewer Discussion Boards as the news breaks.

Each news story is posted in one of eight categories. You can subscribe to any one or all of the categories. When you subscribe to a category, you will be notified by email each time a new story is posted in that particular category. Simply click on the link in the email and the story will open in your browser. You can unsubscribe at any time.

To subscribe, you must first register at ProBrewer. There is no cost to register, and we DO NOT use your email for any other use.

How to register (if you are already registered, please skip this step):

1) Go to ProBrewer Interactive
2) Look at the top left side and click on "Register"
3) Fill out some info about you and your business, as much or as little as you like. (But get the important stuff in there, top section is required)
4) It will prompt you to select a user name and password
5) After finishing your profile click on "submit"
6) You'll receive an e-mail that will instruct you to click the link (in the e-mail) to activate your membership; you must do this step to complete the registration
7) You are now ready to subcribe to the ProBrewer News Service. You may also use the Discussion Boards or post ad in the Classifieds.

How to subscribe:

1) Go to ProBrewer News
2) Select a category you wish to subscribe to and click to go to it
3) Then click on "Forum Tools" located in the top right
4) Click on "Subscribe to this Forum"
5) You will see a box that's says "Notification Type." Click on the pop-down on the right of the box
6) You have two choices; to be emailed the same day a news story is posted, or to be notified weekly. Click on your choice and then click the "Add Subscription" button
7) And that's it!

Unsubscribe information is detailed in the email notification that you will receive when a news story is posted in that category. You can unsubscribe at anytime.