News Stone Brewing Co. Richmond Facility to Produce Sapporo Beers

Stone Brewing Co. will be making Sapporo beer products for the U.S. market at its Richmond brewery before the end of the year, including the 22-ounce chalice-shaped steel can.

The Richmond Stone brewery will make about 40% of the company’s total domestic output, with the remaining 60% being made out of Stone’s California operations.

Stone’s combined output between East and West Coast operations is set to double from its current rate to about 720,000 barrels per year.

The move by the company to make Sapporo beer at the Stone breweries is ironic given Stone’s previous co-founder and co-owner Greg Koch who famously mocked mass-produced lagers by global brewers as “fizzy yellow beer.” Back in 2013, Greg tweeted “A dream: We stop calling fizzy yellow beer ‘beer’ & real actual beer ‘craft beer,’ & begin calling them ‘fake beer’ & ‘beer’, respectively.”

The Japanese beer giant acquired Stone in August 2022 for a reported $165 million.

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