News It’s Final – Molson Coors Owes Stone Brewing $56M in Trademark Dispute

In a legal dispute that dates back to 2018, a judge has denied a request for a retrial, making it final that Molson Coors must pay Stone Brewing $56 million for violating Stone’s trademark when using the word “stone” in its ad campaign for Keystone Light. The court also rejected Molson Coors’ bid to cut or overturn the damages payment.

Stone Brewing, which has since been bought by Sapporo, sued Molson Coors five years ago saying that the use of “stone” in their ad campaign was confusing to the consumer and an infringement on the Stone trademark. A jury returned a judgement in favor of Stone in March of 2022.

Sapporo purchased Stone Brewing in September of 2022.

“This is a historic day for Stone Brewing, and for the craft beer industry,” said Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch at the time of the settlement in 2022. “Molson Coors threatened our heritage, but we stood up to that threat. They will put the ‘Key’ back in ‘Keystone’, ending their hostile four-year co-op of the Stone name. Cheers to our legions of fans, friends and supporters who believe in the good that craft beer brings. This is your win too.”

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