News Minnesota Passes Bill to Give Brewers and Distillers More Retail Allowances

After years of failed attempts to modernize some of the state’s restrictive alcohol laws, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed into law yesterday the ‘Free the Growler’ bill that will allow breweries up to 150,000 barrels in annual production to offer growler sales, up from the current 20,000-barrel cap.

The state’s six largest craft breweries which include Castle Danger, Fulton, Indeed, Lift Bridge, Schell’s and Surly will still not be able to sell growlers under the new cap.

The new law will also allow smaller and medium-sized breweries to sell four and six-packs from their taprooms. And it would allow micro-distilleries to increase the number of off-sale products they can offer. Other allowances were included in the bill such as allowing resorts to sell beer with an alcohol content higher than 3.2%. But 3.2% will remain the standard for grocery stores and convenience stores.

More on the legislation here.

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