News Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild Puts Up Billboards Asking Legislators to Allow Self-Distribution

The Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild has put up more than 30 billboards in Lake Charles to urge lawmakers to consider addressing craft-friendly reform in the state.

The billboards read, “Dear Santa, All we want for Christmas is craft beer reform! Sincerely, Louisiana Craft Brewers.”

Among several changes that brewers would like to see lawmakers consider is self-distribution to retailers. Currently, all beer sold to retailers in the state must pass through a beer wholesaler. Another request is to allow brewers to sell their beer at a satellite retail location. Under current state law, breweries can only serve and sell beer that is brewed on-site. If a second location is opened, beer must be brewed there before it can be sold, even if similar brands are brewed at the original location.

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