5BBL OIL HEATED BREWHOUSE IN STOCK! NO Steam boiler required! $69K

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Combi tank: mash mixer (MM) /lauter tun (LT)/ Kettle (K) / Whirlpool (W)/ Integrated oil heater with pump.

The Compact Brewhouse BHM 5BBL can be used for 3 different mashing procedures:
Infusion mashing is a traditional mashing method to produce and recover extract from a single temperature. The single infusion mash uses a single temperature rest at which the enzymes are active to convert the malt starches into wort sugars. This method is widely utilized for ale style beers and for producing lagers widely recognized in the United States and throughout the world.
Multi-step mashing procedure includes a series of rests at various temperatures in a mash mixer/lauter tun. From one step to the next the temperature is increased to the desired value. The main advantage of the temperature-programmed mashing is that both specific enzyme activity and fermentability of the wort can be promoted by controlling the temperature and duration of stands at selected points. This method is widely utilized for more German and European style beer.
Decoction mashing is a way to conduct multi-step mashes without adding additional water or applying heat to the Mash Tun. It involves removing about a third of the Mash to another pot where it is heated to conversion temperature, then boiled and returned to the Mash Tun. The portion removed should be pretty stiff, no free water should be showing above the top of the grain. This procedure accomplishes three things. First, the addition of boiling hot gruel to the main mash raises the temperature of the mash to the next rest. Second, the boiling process breaks up the starch molecules of the unconverted grist and produces a higher degree of extraction from moderately-modified continental malts. Lastly, it makes it possible to achieve the crisp, dry maltiness characteristic of German Oktoberfest and other continental lagers.

Oil container with heater and pump
– Mains supply voltage: USA: 208V / 3-phase oil heater; 18 kW (one heater)
– adjustable oil temperature
– thermal protection
– oil temperature and pump controlled from PLC (temperature sensor PT1000, connected with control box)
– heating medium: thermal oil (FDA approved)
– oil temperature during operation: max. 150°C (302°F)

Centrifugal sanitary pump

The pump is a centrifugal sanitary pump suitable for use in food and beverage industry. It serves to offer an efficient transfer of the product. Suitable for use in CIP (clean in place) installations.
– driven by 0,37kW motor (EU), 1HP (USA)
– stepless speed control with frequency inverter
– inlet size: 1”1/2
– pump construction materials: all wetted parts in 1.4401
– pump serves for process and CIP
*Exact technical specification depends on the model of the pump.
Manifold with butterfly process valves
Pipes are polished, automatic orbital welded, made of stainless steel EN1.4301. Manual butterfly process valves are easy accessible from the front side. Functions of the individual valves are marked with inscriptions on the pipes.Decoction mashing
System of connections, fittings and pipes for decoction mashingTouch screen control panel
Brewer interface control and monitoring system is easy to operate and it allows the user to control following functions:
– rake on/off and rake speed control
– lauter/mash mixer temperature control, separate for bottom and wall heating;display of actual and set values
– kettle / whirlpool temperature control, separate for bottom and wall heating; display of actual and set values
– pump on/off and pump speed control
– display of water in temperature
– display of wort temperature
– display of heating oil temperature (if two heaters are installed, the user can activate both or just one)
– three independent timers with prealarm and alarm
– step mashing programme (time/temperature, wort recirculation and mixing intensity, 5 user defined steps);
– wort recirculation (duty cycle and pump speed) and rake rotation (duty cycle and rotation speed) can be set for each step to ensure homogeneous mash temperature.
– hot water tank control (if the tank is integrated in the system)
– cold water tank control (if the tank is integrated in the system)
– Food grade heating oil for oil fired brewing systems is NOT included with the system. Customer is required to purchase their own food grade oil. Prospero will provide sources as to where to purchase the oil directly.
– Dimensions listed are approximate and may vary slightly.
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