Marks 2017 20bbl Steam Brewhouse +


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20BBL brewing system and support tanks; rigged, skidded and ready to go. Asking price for everything listed here, $105,000. – discounts for bulk purchases. Email for specific details – we are flexible on prices.

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2017 Marks 3 vessel 20bbl Steam Brewhouse
 piping and platform, control panel, heat exchanger and all pumps
60bbl HLT
40bbl CLT
qty 2, Pro Chiller, 12hp
RMS Roller mill, grist case, auger and motors
FV’s have sold!  qty 2 40bbl BBT’s  Marks (2017)
50bbl FV
90bbl BT – DME (2018)
qty 2 90bbl FV’s
dual carbon water filter
  • Manufacturer : Marks
  • Original Manufacture Date : 01/01/2017
Contact Details

Available from Sound Brewing Systems
8865 Airport Rd Ste KRedding, CA 96002
 Phone: 530-319-3600 ***** Sound Brewing Systems Allied Trade Profile

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