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Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Oktober Can Seamers

OKTOBER DESIGN TRADE-UP PROGRAM LOOKING TO REFRESH YOUR BENCHTOP CANNING SYSTEM? We are happy to credit your used Oktober seamer, in any condition, towards the purchase of a new one! Trade in your SL1, MK-series, or Model 7 towards a new Model 7 or Model 8. Email at or call us at 231-750-1998 to get started.

Used Product Ad posted 1 day ago in Canning Equipment by Stefan Popescu

Zomerdijk Engineering semi-automatic bulk can depal with can twist conveyor and IDD oxine mist sanitizer system, can size 12oz sleek, 120 vac

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Canning Equipment by James Waltz

Used for 3 years. $1,500 Suitable for carbonated beverages such as beer and kombucha Purges with CO2 prior to filling Adjustable shelf to accommodate cans up to 11.5" tall and 4" in diameter The XF2200 can filler is designed for the Artisan Craft Person looking to fill cans with carbonated beverages in a simple and affordable manner. The filler can accommodate most cans sizes with its adjustable shelf, allowing great flexibility, and is suitable for carbonated beverages such as beer and kombucha. The XF2200 is based on the XpressFill Level Filler with modified valves and flow path diameters resulting in a much better flow of product with less foaming and better CO2 retention. The filler will accommodate cans up to 4 inches in diameter and up to 11.5 inches tall. Features & Specifications: 360 cans per hour capacity (12 oz) All materials in the beverage flow path are FDA certified...

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Canning Equipment by Joe Groenhof

This is a used xpressfill 4500c and Dixie Canner. They operate good but need a little cleaning. They have been in storage for 4 months. The seamer switch, and roller are a little sticky just from sitting. If the switch needs to be replaced it's $100. The rollers just need some cleaning. I did check the specs on the seam and it's still in proper tolerances.   On the filler I never use the pressure release knob because the can release does the same thing. I noticed those pressure release knob don't work. I never used them, but if you do, just guessing they cost $200 for both of them and take 15minute to replace. Let me know if you have any questions. Xpressfill 4500c- $2350 dixie canner- $2600 Or both for $4600 Buyer arranges shipping.  

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Canning Equipment by Matt Webster

Xpressfill 4500c two head counter pressure can filler and Oktoberfest seamer.  Xpressfill is less than 2 years old!  We used it to prove our canning business model and recently upgraded. New the pair would cost $8000.  $5400 for both.  Buyer pays shipping from 34994.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Justin H

We had an absolute dogsh... contractor and thus spent our canning line budget on rent with no income coming in.  Now that we're open seeking a good condition used canning line.  Preference is something like a Microcanner Flex or Craft, but will consider anything non-Cask (sorry, too many horror stories).  Budget roughly $25k or so as we'll face a hefty shipping charge to get it to us here in Honolulu.  Asking for the world?  Possibly, but hey have got to shoot your shot.  Let me know what you've got.

Used Product Ad posted 1 day ago in Canning Equipment by Qin Liu

Hello, we are selling our Wildgoose canning machine. It's an entry-level automatic machine, with capacity of filling 12 cans per minute. You can check out the current model on this page., and look up Cosling 2.0 We bought this machine new in 2021, and we used it lightly, mostly for researching, prototyping and small productions as needed. As our business strategies change, we don't have the need to keep it anymore. It is in excellent condition and we just updated its software about 6 months ago. The machine: 1. come with a nitrogen doser, so you can can non-carbonized drinks; we use it to can our iced teas; we also use it to can our kombucha, in which case, you can disable the nitrogen doser and use co2. 2. configured to fill 12 Oz sleek can; (and adjustable to other sizes) 3. on a mobile cart to make it...

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Betty Dunajski

Wild Goose WGC100 2-head filler canning line with option to upgrade to 5 heads. Capable of canning 5.5 BBLs per hour. Includes whale tail (though not necessary if getting depal) as well as extra conveyor post-seamer. $47k. Ska half height depalletizer with both 12 oz and 16 oz can twist rinses. $16k.  Makem-Imaje 9450 Date Coder. $3k.  Or buy it all as a bundle for $60k. All items were bought and used by a previous brewery whose space we took over. This set up was part of the package deal of moving in and buying all brewery equipment. We have not used any of this equipment as we are only doing very small canning runs with a simpler set up for taproom sales. All items started up fine when we tested them but buyer is responsible for inspecting. Buyer also responsible for securing freight but we are happy to help...

Used Product Ad posted 19 hours ago in Canning Equipment by Brent Acomb

We are selling a WGC-600 (WG10) 10 head in-line atmospheric canning line installed in October of 2022. This is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. This canning line has served us well. We renovating our packaging hall and upgrading to a rotary line at the end of April, 2024. The WG canning line is expected to have roughly 6 million seams (3 million on each lane) at the time of decommissioning. Here are some key features highlighted by the manufacturer. It is capable of running up to 100 cans per minute depending on fill speed and container size. Automatic CO2 purge and fill station including eight or ten fill heads with adjustable variable-flow technology. Dissolved oxygen prevention components including DO Buster™ CO2 Tunnels. Sophisticated lid chutes with low lid refill indicators designed for smooth lid dispensing. Dual-lane design capable of running both lanes simultaneously or one lane only. Automatic dual lid placement....

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Jason Hansen

We are selling a WGC-600 8 head in-line atmospheric canning line. 8 auto fill heads, auto lid drop, auto seamer. Inlet pressure/temp monitoring with multi-port liquid infeed manifold. WGC rinse tunnel/air nozzle (not dryer). Includes spare parts kit. Accommodates 12oz, 16oz, and 19.2oz cans.

Used Product Ad posted 5 days ago in Canning Equipment by Nick Mader

In the next month we are looking to part ways with our Gosling. It has been an incredibly reliable piece of machinery for us and any support we've needed from WG has been great. The machine is set for 16oz cans (Ball 202 cans/lids are what we use) and has been well taken care of. There are some signs of cracking on the plexiglass which is completely normal and easy enough to order replacements from WG. Included in the total purchase is the: Gosling Gosling Cart (on casters) Pre and post rinse assembly DO Buster and CO2 Regulating Equipment Low and High Flow Pneumatic Actuator Spare Parts + Toolbox (we've only had to use the issues with anything else like sensors/chucks/etc) Extra Mount Plate + Fill Head (we like to switch out fill heads for cider vs beer) Ryan Gosling magnets Our list price for all of the above is...

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Todd Schade

Wild Goose Gosling, basically brand new. Cans 16oz or slims. Works perfect. Calibrated and set up by Wild Goose. $27,500 with all accessories. Photos available upon request. Please contact Adam Jett at 417 337 3549 with any questions.

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