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Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Oktober Can Seamers

OKTOBER DESIGN TRADE-UP PROGRAM LOOKING TO REFRESH YOUR BENCHTOP CANNING SYSTEM? We are happy to credit your used Oktober seamer, in any condition, towards the purchase of a new one! Trade in your SL1, MK-series, or Model 7 towards a new Model 7 or Model 8. Email at or call us at 231-750-1998 to get started.

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by whalers

Recently upgraded to a rotary canning line so we're selling our trusty Cask X2. This thing has been a monster for us and took us all the way to a regional brewery / 17k bbl per year. We typically saw 65-70 cpm running 12 oz cans, 1,000 case days were our standard canning runs, and the machine was decommissioned in ready-to-use condition. Includes a Cask 12 oz twist rinse and roughly $5,000 in spare parts.

Used Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Canning Equipment by Iron Heart Canning

PLEASE EMAIL: for more information! Buyer is responsible in paying  and organizing crating and freighting of the canning line.  SHIPS from Manchester, NH 4105348 seams on the counter Serial Number is 180201 Supply Power: 120VAC, 50/60 Full Photo Library: Air: 90 psi C02: 20psi

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Adam Shay

Surplus equipment to the ongoing operations at Best Bev.  Most equipment was recently in production.  Contact us for more information.  Pictures and details can be found on website. Item # Item Date Available  Price Loc Model Description Year Serial 1 Mpac Switchback Cartoner - SOLD 12/1/2023  $    170,000 Ath Al-2H BP-Jr Continous motion, wedge-load style cartoner.  New cartoner, never installed.  It was purchased with tooling for Sleek cans 8.4 and 12 oz, in 4, 6, and 8 packs, as well as Standard cans 12 and 16 oz in 4, 6, and 8 packs, and Slim cans.  It is capable of 25 cartons per minute. 2022 1839 2 Graphic Packaging International Cartoner 5/1/2024  $    700,000 Wav Quick Flex 400 Fully enclosed carton packaging machine, for multi-diameter and multi-height cans. 2020 QF400-001 3 UBE Deoxygenation System - SOLD 12/1/2023  $       15,000 Wav D250V 100 gal/min cap; 30 mg of mercury; 200...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Chris Mottram

-- Single Head filler. -- Refurbished 16oz Dixie Seamer. Cleaned, dried, and oiled after every use. -- Both the Dixie seamer and canner pucks are designed for Ardagh cans, if you want to change to a different type of can you will need to get a new seamer and puck fabricated. -- Diaphragm pump to can rinse. -- Fan and filter unit for top (we never used). -- Added a c02 under can purge (manual). -- Needs two CO2 connections and one compressed air. -- Single phase, requires 20 amp electrical. We were able to do 2-3 cases per hour with consistent fill levels and beer quality held up in cans as long as 6 months. We've used it for two years with no issues. Good for a brewpub or small brewery looking to offer cans to-go. Willing to do a video call to help train.

Used Product Ad posted 1 day ago in Canning Equipment by Christopher Smith

Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA) 6 head counter pressure canning line. Works great, and PSA offers some of the best customer support in the industry. Capable of running up to 50 cans per minute with very little operator involvement required. The Heads have recently been replaced by PSA. Recently replaced the seamer lift bearing as well as the conveyer belt.  Asking $125,000.

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Red Rover

We're selling our Tri-Pack LS160 and HT-1 heat tunnel, this unit is capable of sleeving up to 100 cans a minute. They are designed on Wheels so they can be added and removed from the line as necessary. Only selling as we're moving to printed cans. We can palletize and load these items purchaser is responsible for shipping but can help with organizing. More images and details on request

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Brian Cornelius

Interested in getting away from plastics and into biodegradable packaging material? We are selling our Tecma Aries DC120 Ring Applicator, change parts for both 4 packs and 6 packs.  The machine is only 1 year old! This machine was 60k when we struck a deal at CBC in 2022. We are moving on to cardboard cartoning all our products, I am willing to get it into your plant for $25,000.

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by James Partridge

Hello all, I have some brewery equipment up for sale on the North shore of Long Island.  More photos will be posted once this site allows it.  In the meantime, photos available upon request.  The equipment is as follows: Cask Global Canning Solutions Canner MCS-V2  semiautomatic $14k. 3HP 3 Phase ProChillerSystems Glycol chiller $6k. Pallet Jack $250. Please feel free to reach Jamie at in regards to any further questions, information or pictures of equipment. Buyers are responsible for pickup or shipping. Thank you.

Used Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Canning Equipment by NFE Machinery Co

This canning machine combines 4 heads can rinser,4 heads filler,1 head seamer into one unity, rotary can feeder can be as an option. If you need more informations, please email to This machine is specially designed for microbrewery to rinse can,fill beer into cans and seal cans automatically. Considering the limited area of most microbreweries, this machine is designed as a small size and fast filling speed, sanitary, movable, simple operation. The whole work is control by PLC programming. It can be used inline to be connected with other equipment, such as can depalletizer, labeler, date printer, etc. No Doubt that it is the ideal can filler for all the microbreweries. The basic working process is as follows: Rotary feeder to feed cans---can rinsing--CO2 purging air--beer filling by long tube--putting lids--seaming--water washing outside--pack off table For price or more specification, please do not heistate to contact with us! NFE...

Used Product Ad posted 1 day ago in Canning Equipment by Stefan Popescu

Zomerdijk Engineering semi-automatic bulk can depal with can twist conveyor and IDD oxine mist sanitizer system, can size 12oz sleek, 120 vac

Used Product Ad posted 5 days ago in Canning Equipment by mtnSpirits -

Semi-automatic tunnel pasteurizer. Holds 3 standard trays per cycle. Ergonomic and very efficient design. Side door for easy clean out. Currently set up for single phase supply, but can easily be swapped over to 3-phase. Has 4x 30amp immersion heaters. Takes about 9 minutes to heat the bath from 60F to 165F. Can also be adapted to heat with hot water from plant source or wall hung on demand unit. Set the time/temp and come back 25 minutes later to slide another 3 trays through. Output onto a roller conveyor for minimal labor. Message and I will email videos. Don't have a youtube account right now... All parts from Automation Direct or McMaster so nothing is proprietary or hard to get. You won’t be disappointed!

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