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Used Product Ad posted 2 months ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Keg Logistics

Several hundred used stackable kegs for sale: Kegs have very few turns on them (lightly used) $72 per keg Full Pallets Only (24 kegs per pallet) Kegs are sold "as is" Valves guaranteed to be functional and hold pressure All kegs include installed RFID tag on top dome Shipping from Indianapolis, IN

Used Product Ad posted 5 days ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Schneider Industries

600+ Used HALF BBL Kegs $60 -- (STACKING & NON-STACKING, ready to use HALF KEGS , LATER MODEL) -- that are surplus from a Brewery that did NO Gingers or Sours.  Kegs are all pressure test and recently came back from distributor. KEGS HAVE NO BREWERY BRANDING USED STACKING SIXTELS AVAILABLE ALSO for $45 EACH.  WE ALSO HAVE QUARTER BBLS for $52 each Text or email me for more info, addl photos,  a very competitive shipping quote.  We accept Credit Cards or ACH / WIRE. Typically we sell in groups of 24 HB -- however we are OK for local customers to drive in and "hand load" the kegs to save on freight. Text or call me for a SHIPPING QUOTE LTL Text Josh at 314-518-474-one. Or email: jjbuss @

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Pat Rasmus

Brewery & Cidery Equipment Auction. Ashburn VA TCOB of Ashburn VA Has Closed And Will Make a Complete Liquidation Including Fermentation Tanks, Uni Tanks, 500L Braumeister Brewkettle 50L Brew On Site Kettles, Glycol Chiller, Refrigeration System, Bottle Filler and Cleaner, Pumps, 20 Tap Self Pour Draft System, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Shuffle Board And Pool Tables,Taproom Furniture, Bar Accessories, And Everything To Start Your Own Brewing Business. License 2906000261 Auction link: End Date: July 25, 2024 Contact: Email: Phone: (703) 768-9000 Equipment List: COUNTER PRESSURE FILLER MACDONALD STEEL DFC4 GRAIN MILL ALPHA FERMENTORS DUAL STATION KEG WASHER ALPHA BREWING OPERATIONS CLEAN IN PLACE SYSTEM BLICHMANN ENGINEERING BOILERMAKER HOP DOSER PLATE FILTER CENTRIFUGAL PUMP LENZE AC TECH AUTOCLAVE STERILIZER ALL AMERICAN HEAT EXCHANGER BREW ON SITE KETTLES SPEIDEL FERMENTATION TANKS BREWTECH BRITE TANK 10BBL and 5 BBL UNI TANKS SELF POUR DRAFT SYSTEM G&D CHILLERS GLYCOL CHILLER SYSTEM REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM...

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Schneider Industries

1200+ 1/2 and 1/6 bbl kegs --- Stackable kegs!... NO BREWERY BRANDING ON KEGS -- GOOD FOR DISTRIBUTION --  NOTE -- The Half bbls are used from 2016-2018, in good condition.  The Sixtels are USED from 2016-2018    All were kegs TESTED to hold pressure and function, no leakers.  NO SOURS OR GINGER BEERS in these kegs.   $60 for used Half  -- Stacking keg (pressure tested, just came out of service), NO BREWERY BRANDING $45 for used Sixtels -- Stacking keg (pressure tested, just came out of service), NO BRANDING WE SELL THEM TRIPLE STACKED SO THAT IS -- (24) Half bbl Min order ....or 60 SIXTELS Min Order Again these are these are ALL STACKING KEGS -- TEXT OR EMAIL DIRECTLY to JOSH -- 314-518-474-one -- WE CAN GET YOU TRUCKING QUOTES.  CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED. NO CREDIT CARD FEE CHARGED Call or text -- 314-518-474-one --    Josh —...

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Kegging Equipment by Artis Equipment Services

Global Stainless Systems Dual Head Automatic Keg Washer $15,000 This machine is in great working order and really speeds up keg washing due to the semiautomatic pneumatic keg spears. Features: Dual-head unit will clean approximately 40* kegs per hour Approximately 36" deep x 48" wide, loading bars at 32" Control Panel includes a CPU that runs the cleaning programs for both sides. The panel also includes the pump motor starters and the heater terminals Each side has a custom air operated cleaning head that also locks down the keg during the entire cleaning cycle Requirements: Water: 50/60 psi Air: 100psi at 35cfm (regulator included) CO2: 30psi(1/2" id tube from regulator) Elec: 208/240 3 phase** 30A * Cycle times vary. The actual cleaning time is approximately 3 minutes. Variable process time is caused by the initial dump cycle, keg handling practice, keg loading, and modifications to time cycle.

Used Product Ad posted 6 days ago in Kegging Equipment by John Reardon

I am selling a like new Cascade Stainless 3 head keg washer. Purchased in 2021 for a beer project that never got off the ground. Paid $17,448 brand new. Ships from Dallas, Texas, or available for local pickup. 3-Head Keg Washer • 7-inch Allen-Bradley Touchscreen HMI • Allen-Bradley Micro 820 PLC and electrical components • Automatic Wash Cycle Sequence | “Set and Forget” Operation • 40 Kegs Per Hour with Factory Settings • Fully-Adjustable Keg Washing Cycle Set Points and Parameters • Save up to 6 different keg washing recipes • Adjustable Temperature Set Point • Digital Temperature and Pressure Read-Outs • Push-Button Operation • CIP Functionality: CIP Screen allows keg washer to be used as CIP cart. • 1HP CPE Systems Stainless Steel Wash-Down Pump - C+100MD - 7BBLs • Stem-cleaning functionality • CO2 Keg Pressurization to User Determined Set Point • Air and CO2 Purge Cycles • Brewer-Friendly...

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Kegging Equipment by Chris Schmidt

Lightly used KW2 for sale. Purchased in 2020 for a small scale cidery that is now closed. Has washed about 300 kegs in total in that time. No known issues with this unit, just don't need it anymore. Buyer is responsible for freight and pickup, but we can pallet it and wrap it for shipping.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Ryan DeKok

Pallet of twenty 1/6 bbl kegs for $800. Multiple pallets available. Each keg has been regularly cleaned, maintained, and ships ready for use. No added maintenance required by buyer. Seller will package kegs on a pallet for buyer pickup for scheduled freight. Kegs are being sold by business owners.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Ryan DeKok

One pallet of eight 1/2 bbl kegs for $400. Multiple pallets available. Each keg was purchased new in 2017 or later and includes various forms of brewery branding. These kegs have been cared for, cleaned regularly, and ship ready to use (no additional maintenance required by buyer). Seller will package pallets for shipment. Buyer is responsible for freight (if necessary). See pictures for more details. Kegs being sold by business owners.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by hoggywood

We have 240 5-Liter Mini-Kegs.  All come with caps.  Never used.  Wholesale cost was $4 each.  Selling for $1 each.  They are Black Matte color. For shipping purposes, they are in boxes of 12. There are 20 boxes. Each box weighs 19 lbs. The total shipping weight would be 380 lbs.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Kegs by Russell Whitney

One year old Thielmann kegs for sale. Some only used once. 33 available. $85. $75 for all. Buyer pays for shipping. Other items Continental Vitners 1.5" hose. 2-10' $150 each 1-5' $100 CPE Systems heat exchanger B 30TH $1000 Claps, valves and other various tri clamp items.

Used Product Ad posted 6 days ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by John Reardon

I have 120 1/2 barrels kegs (24/pallet x 5 pallets) and 240 1/6 barrel kegs (60/pallet). These were purchased in 2022 from G4 kegs and never used. No embossing and no labeling of any kind. $80 for 1/2 and $60 for 1/6.

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