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New Product Ad posted 4 months ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Slot Drain Systems

Lewis and Clark Brewery in Montana is up and running in their new facility. During the design phase they selected slot Drain Systems 9000 series drain line. Click on the link to see a video of the state of the art facility. https://youtu.be/xNNbivpjLis youtube Link Have drainage questions, design, layout, best practices, retrofit, new build, need a quote? visit www.slotdrainsystems.com

New Product Ad posted 12 months ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Marks Design and Metalworks

This versatile tool can be used throughout your brewery as a yeast brink, mobile clean-in-place (CIP) brink, and a hop doser! Features: Fabricated from a new stainless 15.5 gal keg Top mounted 6″ TC cap with 2 accessory ports TCTC Bottom mounted center drain with 2″ TC connection and 90-degree elbow 3 legs with swivel casters providing 16″ of space below the keg *Valves and accessories must be purchased separately.   Weight 106.141 lbs   https://marksdmw.com/product/lil-buddy-keg-brink/

New Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by König Brewing Systems

Available in sizes ranging from 150L, 300L and 600L. Uses yeast physiological quirks to grow yeast at the fastest rate possible, enabling the brewer to produce pitch-able quantities in a shorter time than traditional step-by-step procedures Flexible volume, can produce a range of concentrated, high quality yeast: 150L system can product between 75-150L 300L system can produce between 150-300L 600L system can produce between 300-600L Recommended starter culture volume: 150L system: pitch with 1.25L of inoculant to minimize lab time and labor 300L system: pitch with 2.5L of inoculant to minimize lab time and labor 600L system: pitch with 5L of inoculant to minimize lab time and labor Flexible usage, refill with hot wort, cool and propagate (recommended). Fill with chilled wort, re-boil and propagate for breweries where brewing and propagation schedules don't align. Sterile air supply with flow control to minimize risk of contamination

New Product Ad posted 6 months ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by QuantiPerm

MiniSurgeFRC – Same as the SurgeFRC, but for smaller operations: Carbonate-and-Fill at speeds up to 6 gpm.  These systems can do up to 70 cans/min or bottles/min.

New Product Ad posted 6 months ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by QuantiPerm

xFlowCO2 carbonation systems use an electronic flow control system in combination with our ultra-high efficiency fine bubble injectors for near-100% mass transfer efficiency. Features: Significantly improve carbonation consistency Feed-forward true molar CO2 injection Operate in once-through in-line injection, or bright tank batch recirculation, Save gas Minimize flavor, BUs and foam losses and ensure your product quality and consistency. WiFi enabled user interface- works with any wifi enabled device with a web-browser

New Product Ad posted 12 months ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Carolina Brewtech LLC

Carolina Brewtech is a US-based company, We specialize in everything from 3BBL pilot setups to complete multi-vessel 20BBL systems and offer a broad range of customization options of equipment. 3BBL nano brewhouse-Dimensions Fermenter-Dimensions Semi-auto keg washer-Manual 3BBL nano brewhouse(steam/electric heating) $19,990/ea Two head semi-auto keg washer $10,900/ea Pricing for tanks in stock at Maryland, USA: 3BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks  USD4490/ea 5BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks  USD5490/ea 7BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks  USD6490/ea 10BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD7490/ea 15BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks  USD9490/ea 20BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks  USD9990/ea 30BBL-120BBL unitanks are available for pre-ordering with a great price discount! Half-BBL to 250BBL Foeders available for pre-order! CLICK TO SEND INQUIRY FOR A QUICK QUOTE &DRAWINGS, NOW! Shine&Henry 4109718326 carolinamicrobrewing.com sales@carolinabeers.com Unit 505, Curtis Business Ctr 3 -709 East Ordnance Road Baltimore, MD 21226

New Product Ad posted 3 months ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by O'Neill's Brewing & Equipment Company

SAVE ON TRUCKING COSTS !  WE ARE A  US COMPANY & HAVE DISTRIBUTION CENTERS ALL OVER THE US ! WE DO ON-SITE INSTALLATIONS ! Proudly serving the craft beer industry for over 27 years ! New Turnkey Brewing Systems – 3 Barrels – 60 Barrels ! We specialize in working with start-ups and brewery expansions! Over 130 new brewery start-ups in the last few years ! Standard System Features Include: Steam, Direct Fire, or Electric brewhouses UL Listed Motors and Electronics 2 Stage Heat exchanges for maximum efficiency and speed (ales & lagers) Oversized mash tun and kettle for high gravity beers Extra capacity in glycol system for future tank expansion Shadow-less manways in all cellaring tanks Glycol piping, insulation, solenoids, and control wiring included Systems can run on single or 3 phase electrical power (huge potential $$ savings). All accessories included to make systems functional ( clamps, gaskets, valves,...

New Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by M.G. Newell Corporation

Suction and discharge hose (Standard brewers hose) – may be used for both CIP and product transfer. Hose meets 3A, USDA and FDA requirements. Rated for working pressures up to 150 psi. Handles temperature ranges from -40 to 225F. Comes in your choice of 3 colors – Red, Gray or Blue with white stripe. Ends are permanent crimp, sanitary tri-clamp connections. Contact sales@mgnewell.com for pricing or more information.  Please include the hose size and length needed in your request.  Thanks!

New Product Ad posted 9 months ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by SunGood Machinery

Designed for: Want to open a brewery with limited budget? Pilot System before to help put some new R&D product into the taproom, letting you focus on the larger brewhouse for production. ——————————————————————————————————- Pilot Brewing System/Nano Brewing System US Nema Standard,UL listed,CSA Listed Electrical components Brewhouse Size:1bbl-7bbl Materials:SS304 Heated Method:Electric,Bain Marie Bath,Indirect Fire,Steam Include: Mash Lauter Tun(Option:RIMS),UL Listed or CSA Motorized rake/Plow as an option Kettle with whirpool,Condensate stack/indoor-steam condenser HLT(Option:HERMS) Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps-UL Listed motor Heat Exchanger/Plate Chiller with Inline Oxygenation Assembly Wort Grant/Full Glass Grant Hop Back/Hop Gun/Hop infuser Wort Strainer/Filter before head to HEX Fermenters/Unitanks Brite tanks/Serving tanks Horizontal Lager tanks Glycol Chiller/Glycol Tank/Cold Water Tank Sankey Kegs/Keg Washer CIP Cleaning Cart Grain/Malt Mill,Conveyor,Grist Case/Hopper etc SunGood’s Equipments with High Quality Sanitary Valves/Fittings/Gauges only; Build your Own dream brewery with SunGood’s Support We have fabricated and built many hundreds of breweries around the world,specially in North American Market. We would love...

New Product Ad posted 5 months ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

  A stainless steel tri-clamp spool is commonly used by home brewers and professional brewers. When combined with other tri-clamp fittings, clamps, and gaskets, spools can help the brewer build a process line without the need for expensive on-site welding. Our stainless steel spools are are highly versatile and can be easily disassembled, moved, or reassembled in a different configuration in the brewery. What size are you looking for? We have various size spools cut to prefabricated lengths. Click HERE to view all of our sizes available. Inventory changes regularly. Give us a call today to confirm availability. www.StoutTanks.com (posted 2/17/21)  

New Product Ad posted 9 months ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by SunGood Machinery

30L Hop Gun with Cart,cUL listed Pump,Control Panel with cUL listed electrical components &Laser cut filter &30psi PVRV,Oil Filled Pressure Gauge,Air Release Valve

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