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Used Product Ad posted 7 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Sean Mcdonald

1 ---- 4 Bbl Jacketed Conical Fermenter - Side Manway. Dual-zone jacketing is in cone and on side wall. 157 gal. capacity. Includes racking arm, CIP arm and spray ball, sample valve, racking arm, 2 butterfly valves, adjustable feet. 15 psi rating. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, tank material thickness is 3mm, jacket and outer shell thickness is 2mm. Cone has 60 degree interior angle. 35.5-in. diameter x 83-in.H.   1----- 1.5-in. TC Vacuum/Pressure Relief Valve, 15 psi. Valve will prevent vacuum in a tank and will release pressure if it exceeds 15 psi (1 bar). 1-----Pressure gauge, 30 psi. Glycerine filled, all Stainless Steel Case AND Internal Components, 1/4 inch male NPT threads. 30 psi max. BACK MOUNT.   1----2-in. Tri Clamp Cap.   1------2-in. Tri Clamp.   2-------Silicone Gaskets for 2-in. Tri Clamp   ***Shipping Price is NOT included fits on 4x4 pallet and ships fairly easily up...

Used Product Ad posted 7 days ago in Canning Equipment by Sean Mcdonald

We actually have two crowler machines we would like to sell together. When the first one was shipped to us it was damaged (still works in manual mode) Crowler Nation shipped us a replacement that works in all modes. There are two can size settings 16 and 12oz. Never had any issues since but we do not sell many Crowlers so we would like to sell them both. We can package and ship - but buyer must purchase the shipping insurance.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Keg Washers by Sean Mcdonald

We have a keg washer. It washes two kegs at once. Has two built in reservoirs for detergent and costic. Has a built in heater and pump. For more info email beer@colestreetbrew.     Com

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