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Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Vic jones

We are selling these tanks because they are not the right size for our program. We had thought they would work well for us but they are too big for our small lots and too small for our larger ones. one of the tanks has probably been used less than 3 times and the other tank probably 5 times Craftmaster makes some VERY nice tanks. I haven't seen nicer tanks, especially in this size range. Open to offers   Asking $4400 each or $8500 for both We can help out with delivery or shipping.   We also have some 2 BBL Fermenters for sale and some other larger tanks. Also have plenty of 1/6 barrel kegs available with little use we can sell cheaply if buying with tanks. (first pic is from craftmaster website, other two pics are not great but are of the actual tank, I can get more...

New Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Vic jones

Currently we have some extra key kegs 20 liter quantity 160 plus. 30 liter 48 approx   Minimum qty for purchase 20 kegs asking price 20 liter $23 30 liter $26 we are open to offers for larger purchase will ship

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Cans and Canning Supplies by Vic jones

23 pallets available currently in Union City CA I can ship cheap anywhere you like full pallets only we have too many cans Open to offers on larger orders pricing 1 pallet $0.128 3-5 pallets $0.12 6-10 pallets $0.117   these are ball BPANI gen 2 liners gold standard in cans!   we also have gold MCC lids available for only $0.035 per lid   cans can be picked up on demand in Union City CA at our storage warehouse after payment.   open to offers also we can warehouse on our account for you on a short term basis

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Vic jones

We have (3) 2 BBL Conical fermenters that have hardly been used. They are currently ready to deliver or ship and are on pallets Asking $2700 each OBO or $7500 for all three These were only used 2016-2018-ish when brewery closed and have been stored indoors since. We are also selling some of our other tanks too (2) Like new 2020 Craftmaster Stainless 3.5 BBL Bite tanks only used 3 or so times. (1) 60 BBL Brite (2) Glacier 40 BBL Fermenter Unitanks Also many 1/6 BBL kegs available cheap.

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Vic jones

400 + great 1/6 barrel kegs for sale, very few fills on these kegs. very little use ready for your branding never embossed so chimes are smooth delivery to west coast is cheap or pickup in central California selling in minimums of 20 kegs 20-40 kegs $58 each OBO 60-200 kegs $55 each OBO 240 + $50 each

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Vic jones

we have not had a need for these large tanks that we thought we had. 2 Horizontal Lagering or Brite Tanks Approx 60-70 BBL One is dimple jacket chilled and the other is internal plate chilled Both tanks are fully clad and painted for indoor or outdoor use. These are rock solid tanks Nothing like the imported thin tanks, these are incredibly heavy and the doors are like a vault door. Asking $8,300 and $9,000 OBO and will do a package deal as well. We can help with shipping or delivery.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Bottles and Bottling Supplies by Vic jones

We have surplus packaging Beautiful flint high quality sparkling/ champagne style bottles they take a 26 mm crown cap they can take a 187 ml fill or a 200 ml fill they have a punt (traditional dish indentation at bottom) high quality glass rated to hold a lot of pressure great for special beer, cider or whatever these bottles are packed in bulk and are packed about 4000 bottles to a pallet. Price is negotiable we will make you a great deal. open to offers we also have a late model Maheen bottler for these bottles available for sale if you buy all the glass we have.   contact for further details

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Wine, Cider, and Mead by Vic jones

We have some extra honey available. very high quality pure honey (bees are not fed anything) this year we have more available than we use. We have a couple drums available as well as pails.

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Vic jones

We have a great packaging opportunity we had planned on using for a high end product we were going to make but have cancelled the project. We are considering selling everything (26 pallets of glass, 106,000 bottles and the Meheen filler) for less than the glass costs and the filler for free. The filler is late 2019 model and has had very few fills on it. It is already on a specialty electronics skid ready to ship. The bottles are very high end and very high quality. They are a standard 26mm crown cap and are Champagne style with a full punt indentation in bottom. Bottles can be filled 187 ml or 200 ml we are open to offers for all or part of the package and can help out with part of the shipping costs as well. Glass is still readily available so you can source more if you...

New Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Other Ingredients by Vic jones

Excess syrup sale. Perfect for aging in your bourbon barrels. And have something with a large value add for your customers next fall. Priced $700 per drum below wholesale cost. We have 8 excellent drums of organic Bascom Farms Maple Syrup available.   prices per drum below. we can find great rates in shipping. 55 Gallon Drums Net wt 610lbs,  Gross wt 655lbs MOQ 1 drum / 4 per pallet 1-3 drums                          $1950 per drum 4+ drums                           $1,900 per drum

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Vic jones

Bought this system complete for an expansion project and we have decided not to go ahead with the buildout and expansion we planned for this. Excellent condition with very little use! 3 vessel 7 barrel brew house. With brew platform and controls. This system is hard piped. This is a great system and was only used lightly. It is a steam fired system and a Ajax boiler is included as well as a glycol chiller This has pump and heat exchanger included with full brew platform with Premier control panel 2x 7 bbl fermenters 2x 7 bbl brite tanks There is a picture of when the unit was installed and operating. If sold at asking price we can include 40 like new 1/6 barrel kegs as well as 24 1/2 barrel kegs (Standard Micromatic D spears) in great shape for $2,800 If you are building out a new brewery I...

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