Berkeley Yeast uses bioengineering to change the biochemistry inside of yeast on a reaction-by-reaction basis, tuning traits with exacting precision. Because yeast fermentation is already essential to the brewing process, brewers can benefit from our tech by simply switching out their current yeast.


Our Yeast:

FLAVOR SERIES – Achieve complex flavors with extraordinary consistency. These strains allow you to save on ingredients, differentiate your brand, and produce new products that consumers will love.

QUALITY SERIES – Make beer with extra attention to quality. These strains allow you to make the same great beer, while preventing undesirable qualities from arising.

Low and No Alc (LNA) SERIES – Designed to make LNA beer that tastes like beer. These strains allow you to create ultra-crisp and complex non-alcoholic beers that can stand alongside your existing brands.

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