Imperial Yeast

Helping brew the best beer possible with high quality liquid yeast & industry leading service.

Imperial Yeast is proud to be the only lab providing professional brewers direct pitches at proper pitch rates.

Our recommendation of 1L/BBL yields a pitch rate of 11 million cells/ml providing brewers with shorter lag times, shorter tank residency times, consistent fermentations, and healthier yeast.  Healthier yeast yields more re-pitches, higher generations and lower yeast costs.

Whether you are looking for tried and true ale or lager strains, brettanomyces, kveik or just a new strain to play with in the brewhouse, chances are, we have what you are looking for.

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Company Contact Eben Waggoner
Main Phone (503) 477-5826
Address 19649 NE San Rafael St.
Portland, OR 97230
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