Iron Heart Canning

We are the quality leaders in mobile canning.

Forged in the fires of kettles and cooled in the depths of cellars, Iron Heart Canning was born with a deep desire to foster a new era in the craft beer industry, paving the way for small and middle-market breweries to offer a superior level product on a competitive platform.

At its core, Iron Heart is about building strong partnerships with local breweries and helping them expand into new markets. We have come a long way from our humble beginning, but our commitment to this mission has not wavered, and our dedication to seeking an unrivaled level of quality and packaging expertise in the beer industry has never been stronger.

Beer is in our blood and in our roots. As we expand beyond the borders of hops and barley to exciting new products within the beverage industry, our principal values will always remain the same: Our commitment to our customers is the foundation of our business. The quality of the finished product is second to nothing. Delivery, execution, and operational excellence define us.

We offer Mobile canning, Contract packaging, Canning Equipment and Can supplies

High performance production canning for the craft beer and beverage industry
Flexible can size capabilities
In-line pressure sensitive labeling
Nitrogen dosing
Date Coding

Printed cans: on-demand, pay-as-you-go, long-term warehousing
Blank and Shrink Sleeve labeled cans
Can Ends, Pak-Techs, and Trays
Pressure sensitive labels
In-house supply chain to manage everything

Quality Control:
Prominent industry leading expertise
Dissolved Oxygen testing and evaluation
Innovative filling techniques for minimizing dissolved oxygen pick-up
Advanced seam inspection capabilities
Rigorous cleaning and sanitation procedures
Laboratory capabilities for microbiological inspection

Contact Info

Company Contact Roger Kissling
VP Sales & Client Management
Main Phone 908-619-5449
Address 200 Perimeter Rd
Manchester, NH 03103
United States
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