Sponsored Craft Beer in 10 Years Panel Discussion

If beer was first discovered today, what would it be made with? What would it look like? How would it smell? How about those tasting notes? Innovation is arguably the secret ingredient for any brewery, but in a constantly changing industry, what would beer be like if we went to sleep and woke up in 2031? In this conversation we hear from five leading voices to discuss the expectations, evolution, and predictions on a beverage that plays a leading role in our lives.

Jeff Alworth (Beervana)
Jeremy Storton (Good Beer Matters)
John Holl (Beer Edge; Drink Beer, Think Beer)
Julia Herz (American Homebrewers Association)
Michael Uhrich (Seventh Point Analytic)

Moderator: Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)

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